My story

Dear you ūüíď

I am glad that you are here.  Thank you very much for visiting my website. 

I am Setsuko, a singer/songwriter from Osaka Japan. In 2011, after graduating from Osaka City university where I studied food science, I moved to New York City to advance my singing career. I studied Jazz vocal performance at The City College of New York and have been performing jazz, funk&soul and pop music around the city.

In 2017, I relocated myself to Los Angels to start my new musical journey. 

Awaking My Mission 

Living in New York where all the different ethnicities and cultures are integrated taught me the importance of being a global citizen who can embrace all the differences among people and respect the dignity of life in every individual. 

Moreover, I realized the interconnectivity of our lives and environment more than ever and started to think about various social and environmental issues as my own issues. 

Thanks to my Nichiren Buddhism practice, I have transformed myself from the core and have been able to internalize this awareness in my life.

Now, I am fully awakened to my mission to fight for world peace and determined to utilize music as a means to make a positive change in our society.

Music for Waking our Unlimited Potential  

Over the past years, I have written many of my original songs with inspiring messages and produced a series of charity concerts called ‚ÄúSing for Peace‚ÄĚ which aims to impart people with joy and hope through my music at local clubs and hospitals.

I strongly believe that we can change this world to a better place when each person can manifest more respect and compassion and start to take action based on that life state. The purpose of my music is to instill people with joy and hope and help them to tap into their unlimited compassion, wisdom, and courage. 


We Are From The Earth (WAFTE)

May in 2018, I founded a non-profit organization, We Are From The Earth (WAFTE), whose mission is to empower people, through our creative events, to cultivate compassion and make a positive global change. The goal of WAFTE is to elevate humanity's perspective and consciousness to become more compassionate in order to increase ethical and sustainable practices in economics, politics, science, medicine, and education. In order to create a positive global change, WAFTE designed "24/7 World Peace", a sustainable and humanistic lifestyle composed of four attributes; 1) Treat yourself and others with compassion  2) Choose socially conscious consumption  3) Apply social consciousness to your work 4) Take action to address global issues. WAFTE promotes "24/7 World Peace" through creative events, live music, workshops, and online media.


21st Century to be a Humanistic Century 

I have a dream to create a world where we all respect the dignity of lives and humans, nature and technology are in harmony. Let's create 21st century a humanistic century !!! We, as ordinary people are the most important force to create world peace.

We all have unlimited power within us to transform ourselves, communities, societies, and the entire world  !!

I am truly determined to dedicate my life to realize world peace.

Let's create the beautiful scrum of people standing up for the humanistic century !!