SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals )

SGDs are a universal call set by the United Nations for us to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that we all enjoy peace and prosperity.
SGDs are a collection of 17 global goals. The broad goals are interrelated though each goal has its own targets to achieve and there are 169 targets in total (

Based on the interconnectivity of our lives, no one can live alone without any support from others.This is our ultimate reality. Therefore, it is everybody’s responsibility to take actions to solve various problems that we are facing in the world today. To set the momentum for us to work together towards sustainable future, SDGs serves as our practical common goals.

SDGs embodies the humanistic spirit of  “Not creating happiness based on somebody’s unhappiness” and “ Not allowing to pass our planet on to future generation while the planet remains heavily damaged by human activities.” 

 We are all fundamentally compassionate beings and all of our lives are interconnected throughout the universe. We were born to be happy and each of us has a unique mission to make this world a better place. I really hope that you also strive hard to make this world a better place by using your own unique character and talent.

You and I, let’s unite and enjoy the joinery of transforming our lives and our society together, and create a bright future together !!